Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rice Bran Oil & Nettle Leaf Who Knew - Part II

I was supposed to review the rice bran oil & nettle soap I made here a while ago.

I was going to do short video with two pretty actresses I found (my daughters) and let them tell you how the soap turned out. But my camera that I have had for four years is acting goofy. So of course there is not video. Honey I hear a birthday present a calling :)

Anyway, we have been testing the soap out for a month now and have found the following results:

- It definitely set up and cured faster than my other soaps.
- The lather is consistent.
- The smell comes and goes because I was being too conservative with my oils at the time.
- My skin is alot smoother after drying off. Several times I did not apply body butter on my skin to see the after affect from the soap. I had no itchy dry skin feeling.

All in all, I will definitely use rice bran oil as a substitute to olive oil or even combine the two.


Kim said...

I really like the color of this soap. Very natural and inviting.

The results sound good, too!

dcyrill said...

Thanks. It is the most used soap in the house right now. :)

NEA said...

I really think I like RBO better than OO. I haven't done an official review yet, because the first batch I made with RBO is just about at the 4-week cure time.

Marr Williams said...

The soap sounds scrumptious. I too am starting to prefer RBO to OO mostly due to Olive's high prices. But I can't tell the difference between the soaps with OO and the ones I subbed in RBO.

dcyrill said...

@nea - I can't wait to hear about the soap you made with rbo. How did the new soap colors go?

@marr - Welcome to my world. The prices are too how right now for olive oil as well as everything else. :(

NEA said...

My RBO soap is UNREAL! I love it. It's rich and...BUBBLY! I've made about 5 batches with RBO (no OO). I soap 50/50 (hard/soft) oils, and my linoleic is always between 15 and 17. It's perfect for MY skin.

As far as my colorants? Well, I'm swirl-challenged. I don't really like swirls much, I prefer layers and embeds. But, I thought I'd attempt a swirl with my new colors.

I made a soap, using the "Sky Blue" for the swirl. It's fragranced with "Blue Lagoon" FO. I think it's going to look like a complete hot mess. Be sure to check out my blog, sometime tomorrow...LOL!

Smell Goods Lady said...

Yes, Rice Bran OIl is a winner. I started using it in my products about 3 years ago. It absorbs quickly, has a great "no slip" feel, "cooperates" with fragrances, just great!