Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Etsy Purchase of the Year - LMCreations

I was in desperate need of a new wallet. I had been wishing for a Coach wristlet for a long time, but did not have the money to treat myself. So I decided to explore the next best thing, Etsy.
If you don't already know, you can buy any item you want and everything is handmade. Meaning someone took time, care, effort and love into making each and every product. I am partial to Etsy because I have an online shop on there. But I digress.

and purses by Lisa In my search for a new wallet, I saw these beautiful fabric wristletsMurdin aka LMCreation. You can find Lisa's store here . I have been conversing with Lisa since last year on and watching her product updates on A week ago, I decided to custom order a wristlet from Lisa. The pictures do not do it justice girls. I thought I was getting a standard size wallet wristlet. Instead I received the equivalent of a mini purse. Next to my beat up knock off Louis Vutton change purse, I could put my keys, cell, cards, receipts, comb brush, lip gloss, candy, just about everything in that purse. But what amazed me the most, was the care and detail Lisa takes with her products. The is the wrist latch that can be used to hold keys. Her custom label is found on the inside and outside. There was a cute tag with Lisa's company information. As well as two generous areas for storage in this wristlet. For the asking price of $22.00, this product is well worth that and then some.

My interview with Lisa is coming next so, stay tuned for learning more about the Lady behind these fabulous bags.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Want it All Soap Sampler - Soap Review

When you go to a soap shop on etsy and you do not know what to chose from, Anderson Soaps has your cure.

Dennis and Brandy Anderson are the founders of Anderson Soaps. They have come up with a neat way for you to sample their natural soaps. It's called the "I Want it All Soap Sampler". I am so glad that they did this. When you look at the soaps on their site you definitely want all of them without ever smelling or touching them. Now that I have these samples in my possession, I do not know which one to try first. This of course, defeats the purpose of testing out the soaps. LOL. Here are the soaps that I received:
- Pomengrate
- Rosebud Romance
- Tangerine Bergamot
- Hawaiian Lei
- China Rain
- Caramel Apple

I loved them all but my favorite would be Pomengrate

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