Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Want it All Soap Sampler - Soap Review

When you go to a soap shop on etsy and you do not know what to chose from, Anderson Soaps has your cure.

Dennis and Brandy Anderson are the founders of Anderson Soaps. They have come up with a neat way for you to sample their natural soaps. It's called the "I Want it All Soap Sampler". I am so glad that they did this. When you look at the soaps on their site you definitely want all of them without ever smelling or touching them. Now that I have these samples in my possession, I do not know which one to try first. This of course, defeats the purpose of testing out the soaps. LOL. Here are the soaps that I received:
- Pomengrate
- Rosebud Romance
- Tangerine Bergamot
- Hawaiian Lei
- China Rain
- Caramel Apple

I loved them all but my favorite would be Pomengrate

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Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

soap samplers are a great idea and those look better then most I see.

dcyrill said...

They were all good. The concept is a good one as well.