Sunday, May 10, 2009

Name That Soap

It's time to put my first soaps up for sale on my website. But I do not have a name for my soap and I want it to be special.

I thought it would be nice to get my friends involved in helping me name my soaps. To do that all you have to do it leave a comment on this blog with the name you think I should give the soaps pictured below. Be sure to enter your email address so I can let you know if you won. To make this interesting, the name will be chosen at random and the winner will receive a free bar of soap. Let's keep the name clean pun intended ;)

The soap is made of the following ingredients:
Goat's Milk, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil and Shea Butter. There is no scent to the soaps and one has a blue colorant and the other does not, so that makes this a bit of a challenge. :)

The contest ends. Saturday May 16, 2009 @ 12:00 am. Please post once and Good Luck.

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Smell Goods Lady said...

Marbled Bar
The Marbled Bar
Marble Bar

Anonymous said...

Silky Indigo
Sapphire Gem
Caramel Swirl
Marbly Golden

From Felicia B. Thompson

Noahs Mom said...

Swirled Clean
Just plain Swirled
Natures Swirl

From Amie Philpot

Kim said...



from Kim Gonzaga (Stella Marie Soap)

allnatural said...

The wave or Waves

Audrey :)

Joanna said...

Goat Milk?


Lisa @ Serah's said...

Swirl Marble Bars

Anonymous said...

The Jackson's suggest:

Moist & Smooth
Body Smooth
Smooth Lather
Natural Lather
Smooth Froth
Moist Intrique

Ms. P said...

Dulce De Leche
(sweet cream)

Ministry of Design said...

Swirly Clean Bar
Shea Butter Dream
Dream Swirl Bar
Dreamy Swirl Bar
Butta Bar
Make-me-soft Bar
Nature's Pure Gift Bar
Nature's Treasure Bar
Go Coo Coo Bar
Creamy Butter Bar
Art de Savon (art of soap)
Nature's Gift
Heavenly Swirly Bar
Heavenly Swirl Bar
Heavenly Bath Bar
Tickle Me Swirl Bar
G.E.T.E. (Good Enough To Eat) bar
Natural Body Butter Bar
Marvelously Marble Bar
Marvelous Marble Bar
Fabulous Swirl Bar
Angel's Tickle Bar
Angel's Art Bar
Supple Dapple Marble
Supple Dapple Swirl
Graceful Skin Bar

Bonnie Bath said...

For the blue one:
Blue Skies
Denim Swirl

For the brown one:
Butter Creme

dcyrill said...

Loving the names thanks :)

alfie said...

As we are still celebrating the after effects of the Harmonic Concordance, I am suggesting the names of specific crystals which represent the planets at the time of their 'concordance':

Angelite (for the blue), and
Citrine (for the carmel swirl)