Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Products Are Blooming

Hard work and concentration led to the following new products hot off the shelf from Sunday:
The new soaps are called Green Is My Garden because they are green of course and have the most delicious floral smell to die for. Sorry no computer screen smell-o-vison here. You will have to buy your own in two months when they are ready.

The newest addition to the Shea Bath product line are Bath Bombs - the one below is Lilac Dreams - They smell like lavendar but with a sweet twist. I went with the color purple for a friend who wants me to decorate her bathroom with my exquisite toiletries. I better put these on my website before she buys them all. Bath Bomb creation is courtesy of Teachsoap.com a great resource and inspiration for us kitchen chemist. ;0

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Nuria said...

Hello Diana, they all look truly delicious.

dcyrill said...

Thank you Nuria and thank you for following the blog. ;0

Kim said...

I absolutely love your white swirl. I've never seen it executed quite like that. It almost looks like marble. It's so pretty!!!

dcyrill said...

Thanks Kim, that coming from the swirl goddess :)

Roman Bath said...

I love Lilac Dreams........so lovely.