Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Snow/Ice of the Year :)

We live in Georgia. Yes Georgia. My kids are all excited and hopeful that they will not be attending school tomorrow.

For whatever reason, I went outside and took this picture and my eldest daughter asked me what did the snow feel like ?????. I blurted out like snow. Duh! I thought about this afterward and said to my husband, I must be old because this stuff does not move me the same way it did when I was young. You have to understand, I am from NY where if it snowed like this you still had to go to school and you better be there on time. The only way we got out of going to school was if there was a blizzard. That happened every once in awhile.

Anyway, I realized at that point that I was old and did not have the same naive excitement my daughter has. We need to have the zeal and excitement of an eight year old. LOL To be able to have no fear, allow your heart to skip a bit over every little thing. This 35 year old learned alot from her daughter in that moment. Live life excited all the time.

Your thoughts.

~ Diana ~


Anne-Marie said...

Very cool! We just had a light dusting of snow over the weekend but for us in Washington, it's not quite the novelty it was to your daughter.

=) I hope you got a couple good snowball fights in!

CeeCee said...

I truly believe that we need to retain the "wonder" of a child. Think about how interesting life must be to them?