Monday, February 11, 2008

First Hot Process Soap Attempt

I attempted my first Crockpot Hot Process way of making soap.
Here is a picture of my results:

I made a Lavendar scented soap. The blue swirls in the soap are from blue oxide I got from Brambleberry. I follow the CPHP tutorial from the That Soap Site. The pictures and instructions were right on point. What I love about the CPHP, I was able to use this soap in two weeks as opposed to waiting 6 weeks for it to cure. I would assume that the curing results would vary based on the type of soap you make. Whether the end product has basic hardening oils or luxury oils that take longer to cure. I will be selling these bad boys very soon. Look out. :)

Have you tried CPHP soapmaking before? If yes, what were your results? If not, then why not?? Comments are welcome.

1 comment:

Anne-Marie said...

This looks great and the photo is very complimentary to your soap.

Congrats on your first HP Soap!