Monday, March 3, 2008

New Month, New Possibilities

I am writing this post to praise the Synergi Group,LLC on a wonderful week of Teleseminars for Women in Business and those how are starting a business. There was definitely something for every aspect of our lives. From learning the tricks of Social Networking from the 2techdivas, learning how to be a self made millionaire from the Dynamic Diva, or learn to start a web-based business on a shoestring from Khrys Vaughn of HerStartup. There was so much information and it was all free for those that are a part of the Synergi Group or HerStartup circle. It is easy to get all the information from other ladies who have been where you and I are at in this world of new found entrepreneurship. Sign up for their free newsletter on either of their sites and join the camaraderie and listen to wisdom from others that have done and are successful.

Listening to some of the ladies has continued to inspire me and remind me that anything is possible. It is a matter of my attitude and the belief in myself and what I have to offer.

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Anonymous said...

Diana -
Thanks for the coverage. Glad to hear the conference was worth your while and that we reached so many women.
Wishing you much continued success!