Monday, March 31, 2008

Lemon Mint Soap

After my ordeal with the hunt for dried lemon peels, I went ahead and made my Lemon Mint Soap. In place of the peel (still researching), I added this essential combinations of:
Litsea Cubea
Orange Valencia
Peppermint Oil

It smelled so good when I added the essential oils. I added a superfat of Avocado Oil to the soap so the citrus combination would not be drying to the skin.
Here is the end result:

Someone needs to invent the "Scratch & Sniff" computer. LOL I wish you could smell these. I am thankful that even though I did not have my dried lemon peels to add to the soap, it still came out good.

These will be added to my etsy store in a couple of weeks. They need to cure.

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Suds to Love said...

A few weeks ago I zested five limes, put the zest on a cookie sheet, and preheated the oven on 170° F, stuck the cookie sheet in the oven, closed the door and turned the oven off. I went and check on them about every 30 minutes. When they were completely dry, I took them out, and let them sit on my kitchen counter until the next night when I soaped with them.

dcyrill said...

That sounds like a great idea. I will have to try that next time. Good way to cut the cost down :)

How did the soap turn out??

Joanna Schmidt said...

Ooooh. Those look very nice.

suds to love - great idea! Then you can make lemonade or if you zest lime, margaritas!! ha!