Friday, March 7, 2008

Teleconference on Blogging for your Business

Last night I had the opportunity to listen to a free teleconference on How Blogging can be a Key factor for your business. The teleconference was held by Donna Maria of Indie Business Blog.

I have read her blog posts on the
1-2-3 on Blogging as well as other posts that deal with why blogging is beneficial. This phone conference went over:
- the most popular blog sites
- their advantages and disadvantages
- a view of other bloggers using these blog sites
- what are some of the things you can write about in your blog
(related to you business or otherwise)
- and whether blogging is for you.

I found it beneficial to me because I started a blog after viewing a blog I look at for inspiration But I realize that since my business was stagnate, my effort to write anything in my blog was stagnate as well. The advice that Donna Maria has reminded me to put the effort in even when it
seems like nothing is going on.

I have already taking her advice to heart by entering 3 post this
week alone. :)

So thank you Donna Maria for all your work with the phone conference and I hope to become a member of the
Indie Business Network soon.

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Anne-Marie said...

Thanks for the shout-out.

I love blogging because it's a way to get my thoughts on paper - almost like having your own editorial pages of a newspaper every single day - and also because it gives an opportunity for connection with other small business owners (like you).

I hope you are able to find the time to wax poetic on various things that you find interesting in your life without too much stress. =)

dcyrill said...

Thank you AM,

It has been a slow progress. I am learning to be more creative with the blogging.