Monday, March 31, 2008

You Don't Carry Dried Lemon Peel ?????

This evening I was going to make Lemon Mint Soap. I typically add dried lemon peel because citrus essential oils fade in natural soaps. I add the citrus essential and fragrance oil and the lemon peel helps it to stick. It is great.

So I took a trip to Whole Foods because in the past they carried the dried citrus peels. It is a thirty minute drive for me to get there but with my son in tow, it takes longer. :)

There were signs that maybe I should have stayed home. When we got there, the power went out in the store. No problem, I just assumed they would fix the problem in a couple of minutes and the backup generator would kick in. (First Omen). I proceeded to go to the aisle with the dried herbs. I was ready to grab my purchase and leave. I get there and the aisle is totally changed (Second Omen). Everything is categorized different than what I was used to. No harm no foul, I go to the spices and believe that I will find my dried lemon peels there. I look once, twice and a third time, no dried lemon peels. (Third and Final Omen).

So I thought maybe I have the wrong section and they moved it. (Still in denial). I start looking around the store in the "dark" and I still do not see what I am looking for. I flag down someone at the information desk who brought me to a different area. Hooray, maybe I am just blind and I didn't see the lemon peels there. But to no avail, there were no lemon peels in that department. She even called someone in the grocery department to double check. The response, "the item has been discontinued".

So I took my determined self back home and now the search is on for dried lemon peels online. :(

What about you? Have you been in search for something to only be let down by the outcome? How did you handle it?

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Anne-Marie said...

I've had that happen as well - mostly with food items. I can understand it with fresh items (after all, if products don't sell they rot on the shelves) but with dried items, it's a slightly different story.

I'm sorry you had a disappointing experience. It sounds very frusterating.

dcyrill said...

I almost let this stop me from making my soap. Procrastination is a disease for me. ;) But I got over it and made my soap anyway.

Pictures to come. :)

Joanna Schmidt said...

How hard could it maybe make your own? I have never tried drying my own peels, but limes and lemons are fun to play with and maybe you could cut the peels and put them in te oven on like 170 for 2 hours. Have you looked it up? If you could do it, how lucky would you be to make lemonade soap this summer!

dcyrill said...

I just recently ordered some lemon peel from But I do intend on giving the DYI version of dried lemon peel a go. I love the lemonade idea. :)