Friday, June 6, 2008

Boston Won Game 1

Ok all my Boston Celtics fans. We won Game 1. Did you guys see the two dunks that KG put down on Gasol. But Boston has got to know that although they will be playing at home on Sunday, that Kobe will be putting on a clinic if they don't tighten up the scoring.
What was up with PJ Brown being in the game so long? They really need to bring Sam Cassell back since he had a hot hand in the first half. I expect Perkins, Posey and Allen to be scoring more in Game 2.

Good way to shut Kobe down though.
Where my fans at? And the LA Haters , I mean fans are welcomed to post also. NOT

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Heather@Twin Birch said...


BEAT LA!!!!!1

dcyrill said...

Yeah Baby. !

Kim said...

And give it up for Rajon Rondo! That guy is so poised, so consistent (...and so young - I was in high school when he was born. Ouch!)

That was such an exciting game - and not without drama, either! Paul Pierce really gave me a scare. I couldn't believe that he left in a wheelchair - only to come back in an tear it up!

KG had 24 points - not shabby. And yes, those dunks were CRAZY!

What an exciting series this is already shaping up to be! Something tells me that there are lots of dazzling moments ahead :)

dcyrill said...

Ok fans. Game time tonight at 7pm. See you there. :)