Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Resurrection of Maxwell

OK so this is definitely off the Soap topic but I had to post.

During a dedication performance for Al Green on the BET Awards last night, Maxwell, yes Maxwell came out to do his rendition of Simply Beautiful.

Here is the performance that a fellow fan uploaded off of YouTube:

This soulful R&B artist has been MIA for some time now. It was definitely a surprise to see him on stage last night.

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Kim said...

I thought Jill Scott and Rihanna were really good. Esp. Jill Scott.

dcyrill said...

I loved Jill Scott's Al Green rendition. I especially loved Alicia Keys bringing out the fav girl groups. She took it ole skool. :)

Smell Goods Lady said...

It was great seeing Maxwell! I also loved the Alicia Keys, SWV, EnVogue, TLC performance.

dcyrill said...

@Itiel - could not agree with you more. :)

The Crazy, Crafty Chick said...

Woo!!! I'm still trippin over Maxwell, but Anthony Hamilton ripped it!

dcyrill said...

@ccc - Anthony Hamilton is the only one I would have thought of to sing that Al Green song. He is so underrated it is not funny.