Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Uplift & Encourage Women Day - A Change is Gonna Coming

I watched the Obama speech this morning and watching this man speak lets me know that change is possible and doable as long as we believe. (You can view the speech here). I don't know about you but the Democratic Primary has changed my outlook and perspective on a lot of things:

      • When the road looks rough - we must believe in ourselves

      • When people put obstacles in your way - we must address those obstacles, solve it and move on.

      • When someone discredits what you have done or what you want to do - Don't feed into their evil and wicked ways. Stand by your convictions.

      • When you have fear in the unknown, defeat, failure or success - Do it anyway.

      My favorite definition of Change is - to make radically different. For me it means to do the unexpected and not the same old thing. Many times during Barack Obama's speech he mentioned that we need to do something different in Washington. Not adhering to the same old thing.

      This time in history is an indication to all of us men, women and children that a change is possible, as long as we believe.

      This post was not promote the political candidate. Although I will be voting for him in November :) LOL. The intent is to show that change is all around us and we have to either adapt or stay in the same place we are in.

      What is your take on change, do accept it or fight it tooth and nail?

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