Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Do You Twitter??

I will admit I have a new tech addiction. It is Twitter. What is Twitter you ask?
IMO, text message updates that are sent in real time between you and those you care about.
The people you care about are the one you are "following" or stalking :). The people who are in your circle are called "followers" or the ones who are stalking you :) Just kidding on that latter part.

What makes this small but powerful new application fun is that you can follow friends, family even people who you would not think would be on Twitter. Along with interact with my crafty friends through this blog, email and social groups, a lot of them are on Twitter. I get to interact with them on a business and personal level. I have interacted with a lot of cool people through twitter. Twitter can be used for promotional purposes, learning about others people and their interest, and just staying in contact with folks.

So come follow me : You can view more about Twitter here. If you are already tweeting, leave me your twitter address in the comment section or email me (deecyrill at if you don't want to broadcast it to everybody.

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The Muse said...

Hi Diana!! Wow I cant believe I stumbled upon your blog! How are you? fine I hope!

dcyrill said...

@Muse- Hola Lady
So glad you stumbled upon my blog. I have not seen you on divapreneurs the last time I was on there. If you come back and read this comment email me at We are all doing fine.

~ Diana ~

Jewells said...

Er'body talking about this Twitter thing now. I don't need another cyber addiction. SMH!

Heather@Twin Birch said...

I DO twitter!! :)

And I tagged you on my blog! xoxo Heather