Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth of July Holiday - Part 2

The family and I went to Destin Florida for a little Rest & Relaxation.

My hubby's uncles go every year with their kids and we usually miss out. But this year we were able to go. The hotel we stayed in (Holiday Inn Destin) is very family oriented and they have activities throughout your stay there. The kids enjoyed a treasure hunt, limbo contest and make your own sundae.

We were only able to enjoy the pool and the beach. Which was delicious by the way. :) But there are plenty of activities along this tourist strip. The next area over which is Panama City is for the young party goers. There are beautiful vacation homes and hotels to choose from if you need variety.

We enjoyed our time and look forward to going next year. What about you? What did you do for the holiday weekend?

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