Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Uplift & Encourage Women Day - Try Again

- So you fell of your diet regime again this week.
- That soap you created the other day turned into a mold
full of oil.
- You started a fitness regime and ate a bucket of chicken
afterward. ( Protein No)
- The boss said no to your ideas.
- Your dream publisher said no to your book.
- You found out that guy you had your eye on is MARRIED.
- You burned dinner last night.
- Your business idea got rejected for the 100th time.

My hubby was trying to motivate me to workout with him although I already walked for an hour with my girlfriend earlier. He is constantly commenting on my midsection (in love not in hate) and how we (not me) need to work on that for health reasons. I always say, I don't want to workout with you. He is too rough in my opinion. I workout but my excuses are there is never enough time or I am watching the baby, looking for a job, making soap etc, etc. But today was different I guess. I was thinking about what I would post for Wednesday and the words Try Again came to mind. So me and my hubby jumped rope and did some ab work that I hate but he says will pay off in the long run.

So my encouragement to you and to myself today is to: Dust Yourself Off and Try Again.

What about you? What do you need to start doing again that you have put on the back burner?

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Rich said...

I'm in that exact same space. I stopped excercising for about 3 weeks, so now I'm back on it. I hated to see the progress that the folks at the gym had made in my absence -- they looked great.

dcyrill said...


Good to see you have started back exercising again. More than looking cut, buff and fit, we need to do it for our overall health.

Great job.

dcyrill said...

@rich - PS - Thanks for being the only male to comment on uplift & encourage women day. ;)

Jewells said...

Girl, these Doritos and ice cream is putting a hurting on my midsection. I cannot show my face in NY looking like this!

I am dusting myself off and trying again in querying agents. Tough stuff but I want to see my novel(s) in publication. School has been my stopping force. However, a few "no's" did rain on my parade.

Anne-Marie said...

This post just made me smile. As many others, I have a love/hate relationship with running. After reading your words of wisdom, I feel like dropping everything and running right now!

dcyrill said...

@jewells - Step away from the junk food. LOL The brothas in NY like junk in the trunk. Just make sure that midsection is not touching it is not touching your knees. (Just kidding) Wear a nice flaired top to Happy Hour and no one will no the difference. :)

@Anne Marie - I applaud you for even running. My knees are so jacked up, if I skip they hurt. I have got to get that weight off. Go ahead and run for me and have a cupcake afterward (Not) :)

Really though, the post was a reminder to me as it is for all of you to keep at it no matter what.

Keep hustling that novel. You might have to publish it yourself. Just a thought. Keep on running, your body will love you for it. Continue that exercise routine your life does depend on it.

NEA said...

Girl...I'm ready to run around the house! Thanks for the "uplift" today.

dcyrill said...

This post must have been foresight for what was to come for me.

The same day I wrote this post I was waiting to hear back from a company I interviewed with. Well today is Friday and I still have not heard anything. I emailed them and called my contact there. But no response. I tried not to get my hopes up to high to be let down. But all I have been working with lately is hope and my charm of course. So I had a pity party for two days and now I am over it.

I definitely have to heed to what I write on these blogs.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Well, I need to start working out again, making music again, ministering through spoken wordat my church again, and then working out some more!

dcyrill said...

Welcome. Take it one day at a time. That's best advice I can give to you as I have to follow it myself.

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