Saturday, April 19, 2008

Women Entrepeneurs

I picked up a copy of Country Living magazine from the library because I have a thing for home design. I love to look at ideas for colors and the latest trends for when I have my first house. I would consider my design style casual, clean, modern & zen. If any of that makes any sense. I don't usually look through this magazine but the March 2008 cover caught my eye. On the cover was a feature on the 2008 Women Entrepreneurs. The magazine featured 17 women in different areas of design creativity. You had one women who started her own Bed & Breakfast and now she owns four. A soapmaker, jewelry designer, chandelier designer and the list goes on. The stories of their passion to do what they loved despite where they were drew me in of course.

If you are frugal like me, be sure to pick up the March 2008 issue of Country Living at your local library or you can view the stories here . Their website also has helpful information for women entrepreneurs. Click on the tab that says women entrepreneurs on their home page.

On another note, through the Ladies Who Launch website, there was a banner display for Vision to Venture. It is an event for women entrepreneurs through the Microsoft Office Live Small Business online workshops. The next couple of events will be in:


It's a one day seminar that is $59. You can register here for the above venues or register for the FREE webcast that will be in May. The site already stated that the Seattle venue is sold out.

What about you? Do you know of any websites that would be value added to someone looking to start a business or who already has a business established? Post them here.

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gracefruit said...

This is great blog about building a craft business:

dcyrill said...

Thanks for the site. I will definitely check it out.