Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Uplift & Encourage Women Day

It's official. I have dedicated a new holiday for this blog for women. LOL
I loved it the first time, I might as well keep up with it.

We as women have dreams. They are either for our children, spouses, families, jobs, careers, money etc. But the main dream we need to hold on to and fulfill is the one we keep for ourselves. So often we put ourselves last because we are the nurturers of the whole world. I can say this is true of myself. I had lots of dreams when I was younger. I had dreams when I got married. I had dreams when I had my kids. But each time the dream that I had for myself was left for last. Was it my own fault, yes and no.

Children, friends and family lead by example. They lead by our example. They look at what we accomplish no matter how small or large and they see that they can do it as well.

So ladies, keep on dreaming. But don't leave the dream in your mind. Get it on paper and move. Let's all get Closer to our Dreams:

What about you? What dreams do you want to fulfill now and not someday? Is there something holding you back? If there is move it out of the way :)

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Anonymous said...

Funny thing is that I have many dreams and no real responsibilites [read: family] holding me back. It's just me.

I want to see myself on the NY Times Best-sellers list. That's a major dream for me.

Seeing my spa prosper from the moment of conception.

Watching my movies on the BIG screen.

I have so many dreams but none of them will see the light of day as long as I procrastinate.

dcyrill said...

I think those are all attainable. I say that with an encouraging spirit. They are all possible because the dream was planted in you to fulfill it. We just need to move ourselves out of the way (in our case procrastination) to move forward, inch by inch.

I for one can't wait to say, yes I know Jewells the NYT Bestselling author. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Diana. Your encouraging words mean a LOT=)

gracefruit said...

Great post!

Would it be corny to say I'm living my dream? :) I made some huge life changes eight years ago and I've never looked back.

If I can do it, anyone can!

Just_Wondering said...

I currently work with children between the ages of 3-5 yrs and I would absolutely love to open a daycare center! However, sometimes my dreams seem so far and out of reach! But I know it's been a burning desire of mine for quite sometime. I just have to begin drafting plans to get it all started so that my dream and slowly become more of a reality to me.

Great Post!

dcyrill said...

@gracefruit - It is not corny to say you are living your dreams. Because that is what all of want. Doing it and never looking back. I like that :)

@justwondering - You are headed in the right direction by starting to draft your ideas. I have learned that we must not let the dream stay in our mind, we must put it on paper. Even if it does not look like much, it will grow. One step at a time.