Monday, August 25, 2008


Me from Marr over at SmellyChicksOnline
I have never met Marr in person. I know her through the magic of the blogosphere. I consider you to be a friend. You are always encouraging towards all that I do. I love her blog because it is always informative. Her love for handmade soap shows in the soap "eye candy" she list on her blog. She also keeps all crafty entrepreneurs informed on what is current in technology or trends in our industry. She even contributed to my business by designing my company banners. Marr, thank you for your continual contribution to all us Indies.

The folks I award this prestigious honor to are:

Itiel of Smells Good Spa
Itiel is no ordinary woman. She is happily married to her hubby of 13 yrs, has 2 lovely daughters, whom she home schools. Oh did I forget to mention that she's been running her own business for 10 years. :) I met Itiel online through BBWO (Black Business Women Online). She is a very giving person. Currently her company has been named as an advocate for an organization called Moving Young Ladies Forward . They help young girls and teenage mothers reach their greatest potentials by changing they way the see themselves in society. Proceeds from the sales of her Sugar Whips products go toward MYLF and their efforts. She has been a encouraging voice in my corner for the small steps I have taken in moving my company forward. As well as a sound box on personal matters. Thank you Itiel for being a friend and I know you will see another prosperous 10 years for your business.

Cee of Neo Soul Essentials
Another extraordinary Diva I met on BBWO. Cee Cee was a teacher for many years and went another route with her craft. Due to severe eczema in her baby, Cee Cee decided to make her own home remedy to soothe if not help the problem. That product and many others are what make up Neo Soul Essentials. Cee Cee has always gave me new approaches to this entrepreneur aspect. Because of Cee Cee I signed with Squidoo, StumbleUpon and now I have a Facebook page. Basically, she has shown me that in order to be in business, you have to push the envelope and put yourself out there. Cee Cee, you may not have realized that you have done that for me, but you have. So for that I say Thank You.

There are many others in my Blogroll who also deserve this honor. So the post is dedicated to everyone I have encountered through blogging that has left an impression on me directly and indirectly.

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Marr Williams said...

Thanks for all YOU do for ME girl! You're the best and I am glad to have a friend like you.

dcyrill said...

Right back at ya! :)

CeeCee said...

Oh, thank you so much! Believe me, you are an inspiration too, with your soap-making and clear-eyed advice- keep rising, sweetie!