Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pink Grapefruit Soap by Naiad Soap Arts

All the soap I have made is curing right now, so I went on a soap shopping spree last Saturday. I decided to make my first purchase from one of the "favorite sellers" I have listed on Erin at Naiad Soap Arts is having a sale through the month of August so I decided to treat myself o some Pink Grapefruit Soap.

First let me say I got my package in record time. From the West Coast to the East Coast in two days. When I opened the package I was in awe of the way she package the soaps. The soap came in a simple cheesecloth sac with a drawstring to close it. (Sorry no pictures available) The soap label and ingredients were displayed nicely on the outside of he sack. I couldn't help smelling the soap through the sack and taking it in.

I used the soap today during my son's bath. I must say there was an abundance of bubbles and he was very soft after the bath was through. I can't wait to use it myself. :)

She has some awesome soaps and her creativity is off the meter. I am hooked and will definitely be making some more indulgent purchases soon.

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Soapylove said...

I LOVE Naiad Soap Arts. The soaps and all of her items are top notch and Erin (the owner) is fabulous to work with. Highly recommend!

dcyrill said...

Hi Ms. Soapylove :)
I am so glad I was able to experience her products. I am hooked.

Michelle said...

Thank you for the link to the etsy shop. The soap is beautiful. I love the pink swirls.

dcyrill said...

Your welcome.

Marr Williams said...

I've awarded you the Brillante Weblog Award! Go to to read more. Here are the rules: Link to who presented you the award, then pass this along to seven others.

dcyrill said...

@Marr - Thank you for the award. I do not know what to say.

Southern Soapers said...

I love this soap! That swirl matches the name of the scent used, pink grapefruit is such a happy scent!

Kelly Bloom
Southern Soapers Fragrances ~ "We Have No Common Scents!"

dcyrill said...

@SouthernSoapers - I love the soap also. I finished them all. :)