Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We Have A New Look !

Thanks to my girl, Marrianne Williams aka Marr @ SmellChicksOnline, she pimped out my blog & etsy store with a new company banner.

I bet those of you that know Marr, did not know she was this super talented. Marr is a wife, mom, graphic designer and addicted to soap porn. Those in the soap making industry know what that is :). She also keeps others current on topics that small business owners need to know. Thanks for that.

When you get a chance, stop by Marr's blog
Marr, I cannot tell you Thank You enough for giving Shea Bath a great visual face lift. :)

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Mekhismom said...

I said this yesterday but I will say it again. I love the butterfly header. I have no idea what "soap porn" is but get a feeling if I hang around here enough I will find out!

dcyrill said...

Thank you again. LOL - Soap porn is where you lust over the art and sheer beauty of handmade soap. That's my definition, it may be different for others. Just the same way "Diaper Cakes" get ohh'ed and ahh'ed, there are some that absolutely love everything about diaper cakes. Like yourself. :)

Marr Williams said...

Thanks for the shout out D! I'm glad you're happy with it.

I'm not sure where the tern "Soap Porn" got started but I know that knitters and crocheters use the term "yarn porn."

Serahs said...

I like the new look. Because of your blog, I joined the Black Women Business Network. Thanks so much!

dcyrill said...

@serah - Thanks for stopping by. Great to hear you have joined BBWO.