Friday, June 25, 2010

30 Day Cardio Challenge - Day 13

If you are only interested in sitting on the couch and eating chips, these videos are not for you. If you are not interested in exercising and improving your health, these video are not for you. Last night I did the Biggest Winner strength training session for the back of the body. If you know Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser, you know that she is no joke. And this session did not disappoint. When I was done, the only thing I wanted was my bed. LOL

For today's cardio session, one of two of my daughters got up early to join me. She did not know what she was in for. She will thank me in the long run. :). My hips have been on fire the last two days, so instead of running, I basically walked for 30 minutes. I managed a mini sprint during the last leg of this session. Saturday will be a better day to really get more time in. Have a great weekend

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Marisa said...

I'll have to check these ones out. I find it very hard to stay motivated but reading over your previous "Challenge" post has got me thinking...if she can do can I!

dcyrill said...

Marisa - any movement is good movement. I have problems staying motivated myself. You can do it.

Smell Goods Lady said...

Yay! This is the set that I have. Thought about you last week, and this challenge. Great updates! Yes, Marisa, you can do IT!

dcyrill said...

@Itiel - I have to do these DVDs in small increments. The knees can't take it. LOL Yeah I am still going strong.