Saturday, June 5, 2010

30 Day Cardio Challenge - Day 5

You would think on a Saturday I would be sleeping in till 12:00 noon. Nope, the alarm went off promptly at 7:30 am. Although I turned it off and went back to bed, the good Lord nudged me out of the bed and said, "GET MOVING". LOL

So I got up, put on my work out gear and took a long walk around the neighborhood. I walked and partially jogged for about three miles. This was good because wasn't restricted to my time.

It's 85 degrees already and it looks like its going to be a cookout type of Saturday.

Have a great weekend.
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Anne-Marie said...

Congrats on making it happen and staying strong on your goal. And, good use of your blog to forming a (virtual) accountability group. It will help keep you strong for sure. =)

dcyrill said...

@AM - Thanks alot for the encouragement. :)