Wednesday, June 2, 2010

30 Day Cardio Challenge

June 1st marked my 30 days of Cardio Challenge. I am the only one in the challenge so don't be alarmed. Unless you want to join me.

I will working out for 30 days in some form or fashion where my heartrate is elevated enough to work up a sweat. I have been working out since December of 2009 and lost at least 5 lbs in January. But of course life happened in between and I fell off the wagon.

As it stands my weight has not moved or increase. However I do not like where it is right now given that it is summer.

I know I need the weightlifting routines for numerous reasons, but I seem to be gain more muscle than losing fat. So that being said, I am ready to shake the pounds off in a dramatic way.

On Memorial Day, the family and I played basketball. Ok so I know the game of basketball quite well, but you probably would not want me on your dream team. Nonetheless we all had a great time playing against each other and working up a sweat. My back paid for it later.

On June 1st, I did the Dancing with the Stars DVD. I love to dance but doing it via a DVD always seems to make look more uncoordinated. In the beginning I thought the tape was lame until I started sweating like a pig after doing the Samba. I have to give it up to the Brazilian women, they have that dance on lock.

Now I will not be working out for thirty straight days. But it will be for every other day and to where my bones can tolerate it. :)

See you next time.

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Smell Goods Lady said...

Awesome, Diane! I love hearing about women (especially "black" women) taking control of their health. I hope you will continue to give updates. I am cheering you on. Have you tired any dvds from Jillian Michaels? I enjoy her teaching style, and work out with her every other day.

To your health!

dcyrill said...

Thanks Itiel
I have a 5 DVD set of Jillian Michaels - The BiggestWinner. It has four strength training DVDs and one cardio. She is tough.I do switch her up w/some other stuff to not get bored.
I hope I can keep up w/the updates to keep myself disciplined and accountable.

Peace & Blessings,