Friday, July 2, 2010

30 Day Cardio Challenge - Day 16

Simply more of the same today. I performed by warmups from runners world and jogged a little bit longer. I think I need to get new running shoes for my birthday (7/13) I do want to encourage everyone to get your body moving doing something. Start with walking 10 to 20 minutes every other day until your body craves the movement. And it will. Our bodies were made for movement not stagnation.

Friday 7/2/2010
-Today is a scratch day because it is raining outside and I am not at a point where I run in the rain. I am sure that will change soon. LOL. I did perform my warmup/strength training routine this morning. Did I already say I love this website. Check out just a taste of the info you can use whether you are a runner, just beginning or need a boost in specific areas.
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